Heavy Metals Dry Blood Spot Test

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  • The kits are defined as “male” or “female” based on the methods used for collecting a sample from a biological male or a biological female.

    Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase this test.


My Home Tests’ Heavy Metals Dry Blood Spot Test is the most convenient way to check your heavy metals exposure. Unlike most laboratory tests that require a blood draw, our test requires a self-administered finger prick. We test for four of the heavy metals most commonly associated with chronic heavy metal poisoning: cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and lead.

Symptoms of Chronic Heavy Metal Poisoning

  • headache
  • weakness
  • constipation
  • feeling tired
  • muscle and joint pain

How the Process Works

  1. Order your test online
  2. We send your test to you with free shipping
  3. Administer the test by following the included instructions
  4. Send your test back in our pre-paid envelope
  5. We will notify you via email when we receive your sample
  6. We will send you an email when your results are ready (typically less than one week after your kit arrives at the lab)
  7. You log into your account to view your laboratory report

Your Kit Includes:

  • Dry Blood Spot Kit
    • dry blood spot card
    • 2 lancets
    • 2 bandages
    • 2 packs of gauze
    • specimen bag with one silica gel pack
    • pack of alcohol wipes
    • instruction sheet
  • Return Envelope
  • Packing Checklist