Did you know that month of June is Men’s Health Month? What an opportunity to unite, take a stand, and encourage men and boys to seek regular health advice.  Early detection leads to initial treatment of diseases and injuries that are currently plaguing the nation.   Supported by Congressional health education program and recognized by… Read More

VANCOUVER, WA – May 22, 2018 — Molecular Testing LabsTM has entered into a licensing agreement with kathy ireland® Worldwide (KIWW®) for a term of five years. James York, Managing Director of Business Development, announced that Kathy Ireland is now the official Brand Ambassador for Molecular Testing Labs’ My Home TestsTM, a pioneering, direct-to-consumer provider… Read More

Molecular Testing Labs is committed to continuous innovation and growth and has been busy expanding the reach of the pioneering direct-to-consumer health testing services brand, My Home Tests. We can barely contain the good news, so we are sharing this behind-the-scenes image of James York, Managing Director of Business Development at Molecular Testing Labs (center); Tommy Meharey, Vice President… Read More