Did you know that month of June is Men’s Health Month? What an opportunity to unite, take a stand, and encourage men and boys to seek regular health advice.  Early detection leads to initial treatment of diseases and injuries that are currently plaguing the nation.


Supported by Congressional health education program and recognized by the White House,  the whole nation is celebrating Men’s Month with health educational activities and programs. The goal is to promote awareness of the availability of tests, screenings, resources, and education programs.   Something can be done today to increase longevity, the vitality, and create healthier future for men and boys.


According to the CDC, some of the significant health problems that men face today are chronic medical diseases. Such are diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart diseases, sexual health diseases and accidental injuries. It affects all communities, families and loved ones, and causes men to die prematurely at the prime of their life. Some of the small steps to take for better health and well-being for men and boys:


  • Early Screening  & Testing
  • Quit Smoking
  • Eat a Healthy Diet
  • Maintain Healthy Weight
  • Exercise
  • Limit Alcohol Intake
  • Manage Stress


Anyone can assist in the men’s health movement by supporting and encouraging and helping men in their lives to take steps towards better, healthier and longer life!

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