Do You Know Your Status?

How it works


1. Order online and your STD test kit is mailed to your door.


2. Collect your samples and mail your kit back to the lab.


3. View your STD test results 2-3 days after we receive your sample.

Truly at home STD testing

Look, we understand the obstacles keeping you or your partner from getting tested for STDs. Traditional STD testing can be a potentially embarrassing, lengthy and costly ordeal. Today’s world demands a better way. Now there is: My Home Tests. At Molecular Testing Labs™, we developed My Home Tests with the conveniences of the modern world in mind. Our testing kits have higher sensitivity and specificity than the industry standard. We utilize cutting-edge diagnostic technology and the latest scientific research and advancements. Ultimately, we take your health just as seriously as you do.

The best value in STD Testing

My Home Tests are competitively priced when compared to traditional STD lab testing. With My Home Tests we sell lab-to-home, saving you money in the process. Our at-home STD tests can also save you money when compared to a trip to the clinic. Typical testing prices:

Test Type my-home-tests-brand STD Labs
Chlamydia & gonorrhea test $79 $89-150
Trichomoniasis test $79 $89-110
7 STD test $249 up to $650

Industry-leading speed.

At Molecular Testing Labs™, we take pride in knowing that we can offer you STD test results faster than a traditional physician’s office. We do this by offering expedited shipping to-and-from our laboratory. Our laboratory also guarantees 2-3 business day report delivery from when we receive your sample. Finally, when your STD test results are ready, we will notify you via email and you can access them via your account on any computer or mobile device. If you’re worried about your results being seen by the wrong set of eyes, don’t worry: you can delete your results from your account with a simple press of a button.